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Because Your Home Deserve The Best

We offer cleaning services that go beyond the surface, dedicating special attention to the details that transform your home. With commitment and expertise, we ensure that every corner receives the treatment it deserves, providing an environment truly worthy of the best for your home.

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Our main services include:

Houseekeeping services:

Feeling too busy to get your place in order? Not sure where to begin? Storing items and doing laundry can be quite challenging when time is limited. These are tasks that Christys Cleaning can handle for you! We're here to make things easier for you, tackling organization and laundry so you can focus on what matters most.

After Party Cleaning/ Special Events:

Whether it's hosting a lively party or accommodating a business stay at your home, if you're short on time for cleaning, don't fret about the mess. We're here to take care of the cleaning and ensure everything is spotless for you.

Move In/Out Cleaning:

We offer a detailed move-in/move-out cleaning service to help alleviate the stress of the moving process. We are committed to leaving your home cleaner than ever before.

More Details:

Cleaning of dust in bathrooms, vacuuming and floor cleaning, bathroom sanitation, cleaning of mirrors and chrome accessories, care for shower doors, cleaning of tiled walls; Bedroom areas: Manual cleaning of surfaces, vacuuming and floor cleaning, general cleaning; Common areas: Manual cleaning of surfaces, general cleaning, vacuuming and floor cleaning; Kitchen countertops: Complete cleaning, sanitized external exhaust fan, top and front of the stove cleaned, drip edges and glass surfaces cleaned, sanitized sinks, cleaned fronts of all appliances, general dust removal, clean microwave, vacuuming and floor cleaning.

One time Deep Cleaning:

Dusting of furniture, shelves, cleaned with cloth and multipurpose cleaner; Cleaning under beds (if accessible), switches, sofa and pillow vacuuming, carpet vacuuming, mopping all floors, including under any cushions. Empty and clean ashtrays and trash bins; Make beds and change bed linens if left out; All areas cleaned – top, front, and bottom. All items removed and replaced; Inside the refrigerator;

First Clean

Thorough cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms; Comprehensive cleaning in all areas of the house; Cleaning services on a rotating basis after the initial cleanings Commitment to high standards of excellence; Bed linen change included in the services; Internal cleaning of the refrigerator as part of our services.


Additional Services:

  • Washing and drying clothes;

  • Internal cabinets and refrigerator;

  • Home organization.

Our Services

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